Here are two question-and-answer mini-games created by yours truly. To play, right-click the link and select "save target as", download the files, unzip them, and double-click on the shortcut you will see immediately inside the folder. I hope you enjoy them. Running them has never caused any trouble in my experience, but, to avoid legal ramifications, I have to say this: I am not responsible for any technical or other problems caused by running these games on your computer. Also, I do not provide technical support.

The Celtic Origins of Europe's Place-Names - One of the important legacies of the ancient Celts to the modern West lies in the names of cities scattered accross Europe. See if you can match the names of well-known modern cities to the ancient Celtic words they are derived from. Get a perfect score of 9 points to reveal a 3D image of an ancient Scottish village!

Ancient Celtic Writing Systems - In ancient times, the Celts used a variety of scripts for inscriptions and record-keeping. See if you can match the name of a script to a specimen of that script! (note for students and scholars: technically, Ogam of Erimon may not be ancient, and Pictish symbols may not be ancient or even true writing, but they are included here nonetheless).

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