Here is a collection of links to useful sites related to the ancient Celts. As always, there is more to come, this site is still very much a work in progress. Only links to sites of a high scholarly quality have been selected. This does not mean that I necessarily agree with or endorse as accurate everything you will find on these sites, of course. If you own or know of an academic-quality site pertaining to the ancient Celts that you feel should be here, please feel free to E-mail me and I will consider posting it.

The Gauls in Provence - An excellent site on the Gaulish oppidum at Entremont.

Barbarians on the Greek Periphery? - An excellent site on early Celtic art.

Iberian Epigraphy Page - A great site concerned with the languages of pre-Roman Spain and Portugal, including Celtiberian. Also includes much bibliographical information and helps dispel some myths about Basque.

Celtiberian -unei, Luguei - A linguistic essay concerning the Celtiberian language

CELT - An ongoing project aimed at creating an online electronic database of early Irish texts. Of great use to the researcher.

Scela - A list of early Irish tales with references to where they can be found published.

Celtic Literature Collective - A useful collection of Celtic and Celtic-themed texts.

Celtic-Well - An E-mail group devoted to the serious study of pagan Celtic religion.

Onomasticon Goedelicum - An online database of Irish place names. Ever wonder where some obscure place in an Irish myth is, or where its name comes from? Or what other references there are too it? Here's where you can start looking.

Insight - An online journal of Irish-related topics.

The British Museum - If you haven't seen their Iron Age Britain collection yet, you should.

Celtic Art and Cultures - A site containing an extensive collection of images of Celtic art and artifacts, as well as some maps, essays, a vocabulary list with a nice quiz function, and a timeline.

The Celtic Inscribed Stones Project (CISP) - The name says it all. Alright, well, not exactly! Not a catalogue of anything that's Celtic and lithic, but focuses mainly on the British Isles 400-1100. Why is it on Ancient-Celts.Com? Don't those dates indicate the Middle Ages? Well, it covers ogham, which is borderline ancient/Medieval, so...

School of Celtic Studies - The website of the School of Celtic Studies at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Contains a link to BILL, a searchable database of publications on Irish philology

The Perseus Project - Contains a valuable collection of works attributed to Greek and Roman authors, in electronic, searchable format (Click "classics" under "Perseus contents" on the left-hand side of the screen to go there). Useful for researching the Greek and Roman sources on the Celts - for instance, searching De Bello Gallico for references to a specific term or name. Unfortunately, not all important works are there, and some are only included in part but not in whole.

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