Update 7-11-2007 Site Launched! Includes a few essays on ancient Celtic languages, bibliographies for pagan Celtic religion and the Druids, a gallery and a links page, one book review, and one downloadable mini-game.

Update 7-18-2007 A new essay on the Lepontic language has been added, as well as a new mini-game, several new links on the links page, and an animated gif on the homepage. A minor spelling correction was also made. Visitor feedback has been helpful so far; thank you, you know who you are!

Update 1-30-2008 A new essay on ancient versus medieval Celtic art has been added. My apologies, I know it has been a long time! More is on the way, I promise.

Update 3-16-2008 Database of all ancient written references to the Druids added in the essays section. Minor corrections made to the Lepontic and Early Celtic Art vs. Medieval Celtic Art essays. Encoding of several pages changed to unicode.

Update 7-22-2008 Essay on the Pictish language added. More pages changed to unicode.

Update 9-18-2008 Added review of Philip Freeman, The Philosopher and the Druids . A large update on ancient Celtic art is in progress.

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