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Animated GifBefore there was Rome, there were the Celts. Though names like Cerethrios, Lutarios and Avaros may not exactly be household words today, ancient temperate Europe was not a blank spot on the map, historically or culturally. With settlements stretching from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, and even beyond Europe into Asia Minor and Egypt, the Celts developed a remarkable and important culture. This website is devoted to the ancient Celts in all their aspects.

To learn more about the ancient Celts, click on one of the links above. Remember, this website is a work-in-progress; click on "News" to see information about recent updates. There isn't much here now, but it is my hope that this site will one day grow into an extensive, fully referenced, media-rich gateway to the ancient Celtic world.

This website is purely educational, not-for-profit and ad-free. It is created and maintained by the infamous and anonymous Celtic researcher, "WP". Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a response to all mails, but if you wish to contact me, please feel free to do so at the following address (to avoid spam, I've muddled it up a bit; remove all capital letters to obtain the correct address): inRfo@anTcieSnt-celYts.com

The La Tène graphics used on this site are based on or taken from the collection of free clip art provided by Aon Celtic Art

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